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Jemaelwork is a network in cooperation with men of good will for the buildup of a culture of Love.

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J E M A E L N E W S 

Freitag, 9. Juli 2010 - 16:15 Uhr
To the Jemael-family

With this piece of writing I am trying to form a stronger connection within the Jemael family. Let me also point to the reports in ‘elijamission’ which are meant to be a kind of spiritual diary. I am attempting to let you have the Jemael-texts in Spanish, French and English and hope to do the same for ‘elijamission’ later on.

Missons trip to the Congo

Right now I am on my way to the Congo for the second time. In the company of Father Johannes and Lucia I am travelling to the brothers and sisters of the community ‘Agnus Dei’. During my stay in Africa we are planning to do a third action ‘Saint Elizabeth’. Eye-specialist Dr. Richard from the ‘Community of the Blessings’ is going to come to Lokoko with his helpers to assist people in the region who have an eyesore. At the same time we want to offer people to pray with us regularly and pay more attention to the word of God. Evangelizing more deeply is of enormous importance and quite a few times we are evangelizing for the first time. Our African brothers and sisters – including the Pygmies – have heard of God and through the devoted work of the missionaries and the local clergy of the diocese Kole church structures have been established – but much more needs to be done for a deeper way of following Christ.

Often we find our African brothers and sisters attached to direct or indirect magical ideas which
prevent them from getting to know Our Heavenly Father and leave fear and confusion in their souls.
There is still great misery and poverty in the Congo with only partial improvements to be noticed. Especially the material situation is difficult or even catastrophic almost everywhere. Our Jemael orphans at Mbunda would most probably be starving if Our Heavenly Father did not feed them through the goodness of our donors.

We are happy to have started our Jemael school ‘ Jeanne d’Arc’,which is exclusively financed by donations. The Jemael ministry is very beneficial and I can’t have enough admiration for the brothers and sisters of the community ‘Agnus Dei’ who day by day live in a climate which is very difficult for Europeans and “carry the burden of the day”. In the neighbourhood of the Pygmies in Lokoko they have to face countless difficulties of the ‘Congolese kind’.

Spiritual Structure of the Jemael Family

It has been on my heart for quite some time to connect the growing Jemael family, that has been formed in different countries, in a special way here in the Congo. In Lithuania,too, a small group of people belongs to it – like Ruta and the couple Thomas and Ramune who have rendered a great service to Jemael and by whose help we even have a small office in Vilnius. Further on there are brothers and sisters of the Jemael family in Germany – next to the community of Agnus Dei. To our great joy there are also members in Ecuador,the handicapped children and their parents included. Certainly a group will be formed in the Holy Land as well and – God willing – in other countries.

I know that the Lord is expecting me to turn to that spiritual family in the years still foreseen for me on earth. He wants me to give it a stronger spiritual structure, i. e. to follow and put into practise what God has already caused to come about. By means of the retreat in the Holy Land more people come in touch with the spiritual path I am imparting. Thereby an interest may be awoken to get to know the work of Jemael and to cooperate with it for a ‘culture of love’.

I am happy to take up this task and will try – supported by your prayers – to work out the spiritual principles of the Jemael family more precisely. As you know I am on tour practically all the time and I am trying to take my office with me as well as a studio for sound and images. Nothing is more important – together with the path of holiness – than preaching the gospel and using the means of our time for it. We don’t know for how long we can carry the gospel to the nations in a comparatively free way. An Anti-Christian spirit and corresponding machinations are spreading more and more – not only in Europe and the US. The nations are supposed to be driven off their path with God and the preaching of the Kingdom will be made more difficult. The time has come where Jemael gets increasingly conscious of the given task and where we will cooperate more across countries and continents.

The example of Mbunda – a model for Jemael?

I would like to mention the example of the Jemael children in Mbunda. God has entrusted us with these children and young people. More or less all of them - the teachers included – are interested in a continuing spiritual path. In a sense this is a unique possibility to form them. It also happens through the ministry of Papa Jean and Mama Jeanne and all their helpers. Yet they can’t be required to take over the task of spiritual formation. Papa Jean and Mama Jeanne would like to be taught more deeply themselves! Where in Europe for example do we find an assembly of young people who are hungry for a deepening of their faith? Unfortunately the church situation in the diocese of Kabinda is very weak so that priestly support can be counted on to a small degree only. Jemael needs to rush to help the church and the people.

It is not only the spiritual situation but also the cultural, educational and material conditions that need a lot of help. In Mbunda a Jemael model for the Congo can be formed. We need exchange, however, and a complementation of the gifts we have received by God’s goodness. Just as we can discover joy in living, a certain carefree attitude and lots of talents in the Africans and take them as a gift into our spiritual family so we can bring our gifts to the Jemael family of other nations.

In these days of my stay in the Congo I am going to test, if we can begin to build Jemael huts on the Jemael land at Mbunda. That would allow members of the community and brothers and sisters of Jemael to stay with the children for a longer time and yet practise a more contemplative style of living.
May I ask all brothers and sisters of Jemael to pray for the Jemael model at Mbunda as well as for the spiritual growth of the family. God has started a ministry here and we are called to cooperate with Him. Please, pray for me,too, that I may contribute my part.
This is a small first news letter from the Congo. I hope it may be possible for further ones to follow.

Elija in Kinshasa

Donnerstag, 23. April 2009 - 13:03 Uhr
December 5th,2008 - Lokoko,Congo,Afrika

The intensive work here in Lokoko permits only a brief report this time, emphasizing the most important points:

Besides numerous talks and spiritual direction, the task at hand consists in the initial formation of the candidates of the community Agnus Dei, Tantine and Adolph, who have left a good impression so far and are walking our ways.

The Pygmies have asked me, respectively us, to help them live in greater autonomy, which, in many respects, broadens the whole perspective of the mission.

Presently, I am giving a week long spiritual direction for the people. Every morning from 5:30am, there are about 100 persons assembled, especially Pygmies, to pray and hear the interpretation of Holy Scripture. Since we are lacking a priest, it has also been given to me to do the sermons on Sundays, so that the evangelization work is very intense.

On December 3rd, we put the pilot broadcast of our local radio LA VOIX DE JEMAEL EN AFRIQUE on air. Since the reception area is still relatively small, we are working on improvements, so that we can also reach the neighboring towns and eventually even further.

I thank you for every work and service, and I thank God for everything He does!

Elija from the Congo


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